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The philosophy of Nikolas 0360 restaurant is all about the unique combination of Balkan cuisine with the flavours of Asia, thus creating an exceptional experience for every guest. The restaurant takes pride in offering the highest quality Japanese meat, fresh fish and seafood from Greece, carefully selected to be always fresh and tasteful.

At Nikolas 0360, we’re focused on the quality of ingredients. Our chefs carefully choose only the best to providing truly gourmet experience for discerning palates. The passion for combining Balkan and Asian flavours results in simple yet sophisticated dishes that make our signature style.

Nikolas 0360 restaurant also offers one of the most intriguing wine lists around. Mindfully curated Balkan wines to complement and enhance the flavors of our dishes, while world-class bottles offer an alternative for guests seeking something classical and refined. The tasting menu includes meticulously selected combinations of wines and dishes, blending the character of Balkan cuisine with worldwide wine possibilities.

However, the philosophy of Nikolas 0360 restaurant goes beyond just food and wine. We strive to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere where guests feel at home. Carefully selected music, stylish interior and professional service add to make the perfect ambience to enjoy our food and wines.

Choose from our tasting menu

1. Tasting menu with wine accompaniment.

2. Tasting meal with exclusive wine accompaniment.

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